Written by Tanya Panizzo

2017 radKIDS Registration Links-Live April 1st

Below are links for the radKIDs summer safety program.  There are two sessions in a day, 11-1pm and 2-4pm.  You only need to select one session for your child.  The sessions are broke into different age groups.  5-7 years old in one group and 8-12 years old in another.

5-7 year old sessions:
June 19-23   11:00-1:00pm OR 2:00-4:00pm
July 17-21    11:00-1:00pm OR 2:00-4:00pm

8-12 year old sessions:
July 10-14    11:00-1:00pm OR 2:00-4:00pm
July 24-28    11:00-1:00pm OR 2:00-4:00pm


A little more information :

1.) Registration opens April 1st!  The second the clock turns, registration opens. 

2.)Dates are listed above. 

3.)Once again registration is ONLINE only.  The link for registration will be sent out via the email distribution system on April 1st or are available here.  Please note that every student, whether new or returning will have to input credit card information and will be charged the class fee.  In order for us to honor the repeat-for-free policy for returning students, we will refund your charged amount on the first day you arrive at your scheduled session. This is for returning students only.  Remember there is NO refund if you fail to attend the scheduled session for any reason. We are letting you know this in advance so that you are aware your credit card will be charged upon registration. New students will be charged and not refunded. If you are returning, you can also donate your registration fee, which helps support the program with materials. This is a gesture that is greatly appreciated.

4.)You will still be able to cancel your registration and attempt to enroll in another session if something comes up ahead of time.  The dates to avoid cancellation fees will be on your registration page and in an email.  Please jot this date down so you can avoid being charged a cancellation fee. We know things come up but do your best to select the best week for your family.

6.) Please abide by the age grouping as the content and approach differs for each group.

We are asking up front for your patience and understanding as we navigate through the registration process.  We do our best to accommodate all students and families and are hopeful that any glitches will be at a minimum. The radKIDS program is very popular due to its effectiveness so please have a few alternate weeks in mind in case your session fills up. See you this summer!


August 2017 Women’s Comprehensive Self Defense Program

Hello Everyone!


The summer session for our 10 Hour Women’s Comprehensive Self Defense program is schedule for August 12th and 13th 2017.  Noon till 5pm each day.  Only 15 women in a session so don’t wait to enroll.  Select the link below!

May 2017 Women’s Comprehensive Self Defense Program

Hello Everyone,


May 6th and 7th will be the Spring 10 Hour Women’s Self Defense Program.  Select the link to enroll!  Only 15 women in a class so don’t wait! Noon till 5pm each day, $150/student.

January 2017 Women’s Self Defense Registration

To enroll in our January session of the 10 Hour Women’s Comprehensive Program please follow the link.

Session date:  January 28th and 29th (both days)  from noon till 5:00 pm each day

Cost is $150/student.  There is a 10% discount for a returning student.

Students that enroll should dress comfortably to move without restriction, and bring a light lunch each day.


radKIDS works! Boy escapes using radKIDS!

Please watch this short news clip and see how effective this training is for our kids.  Not only did he use his physical skills, he described the man and the truck very well, which we also practice in radKIDS.  One more child is home with his family!

August 2016 Women’s Self Defense Session

The summer session for the 10 Hour women’s comprehensive self defense program is scheduled for August 13th and 14th from 12:00 till 5:00pm each day.  The cost is $150/student with a 10% discount for returning students.  Call 734-904-1864 to enroll today.  Space is limited to 15 women.

2016 radKIDS Registration Links

Here are the links to enroll in the 2016 summer sessions for radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education Program.  Registration becomes live via these links on April 1, 2016.



2016 Spring Women’s Self Defense Immersion Session

Next session of the 10 hour women’s self defense program is enrolling NOW!  May 14th and 15th noon till 5pm each day.  $150/student and 10% discount for returning students.  Bring a friend!  734-904-1864 for information or enrollment.

2016 Stay Safe! for Kids Introduction to Safety and a Refresher for former students

The date for the next Stay Safe! for Kids program is …

Saturday, February 13th from 1:30-3:00 pm.  The age group is 5 years old to 12 years old and the cost is $20/child.  This course is great for returning students that want a refresher on their safety skills but it is also GREAT as an introduction to the radKIDS program.  Call 734-904-1864 to enroll.  There is not limit on the class size for this program so bring a friend!

Classes held in the Midwest Tae Kwon Do gym.

2016 February Women’s 10 Hour Comprehensive Self Defense Course Enrolling Now!

The February women’s 10 hour comprehensive self defense program is scheduled for:

February 20-21st, 2016 from noon till 5pm each day.

The class meets both days, Saturday and Sunday.  The cost is $150/student with a 10% discount for returning students. Call 734-904-1864 to enroll in the class.  Size is limited to 15 women so don’t wait!