Mission-Vision-Core Values

Mission-Vision-Core Values

Our Mission:

To educate individuals, families, communities and corporations on violence prevention and protection against abuse.


Our Vision:

To envision and eventually live in a world without violence against women and children.


Core Values:

Passion– To have an intense dedication or devotion to a cause. At Fighting Spirit we have a passion to educate others about personal power through self defense instruction. We are driven and committed to making positive changes on the subject of abuse against women and children.

Respect– To hold in esteem and honor. At Fighting Spirit we respect the individuality and background of each student and employee. We strive to understand all cultures and communities that are working to combat violence.

Service- To give assistance in a helpful way. At Fighting Spirit we provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere to increase options for safety in the area of self defense. We are also committed to helping communities live violence free.

Resilience– The ability to recover from an adverse situation and return to ones true self. At Fighting Spirit we offer resources for women, children and families not only to recover from abuse, but to gain knowledge and personal power to handle anything they encounter.

Compassion– A deep feeling of sympathy combined with a desire to ease suffering. At Fighting Spirit we are committed to creating a culture of compassion to help all students overcome fears related to self defense and personal safety.