“Women’s Night Out” Introduction to Self Defense & Safety

If women can get together for book clubs, candle parties and at-home shopping or dining events, they can certainly consider the Women’s Night Out Self Defense and Safety Workshop an opportunity to have fun and learn valuable life skills at the same time. This program is also perfect for women who may be nervous or ill at ease about taking the Women’s Comprehensive Program. Topics covered in this 1 or 2 hour program are: Levels of force, Setting Boundaries, Asking/Demanding Space, Verbalization, Physical Skills and more. The best thing about this program is its a great time! Women gather to discuss sensitive topics in a way that makes them comfortable exploring options for safety and then culminate in physical activity that empowers them to take the next step! Consider it a unique opportunity for the women in your family or for the special girlfriends in your life.

Contact 734-904-1864 and ask for Tanya to schedule a program.