Out of the mouth of Babes…

As many of you know we run safety programs during the summer called radKIDS.  (  It truly is the most empowering safety program for kids available today and I am…

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Understanding Intimate Partner Violence

Understanding Intimate Partner Violence. Most of us know someone that has been in an abusive or controlling relationship.  If you sit and think of the women in your life, mother,…

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Episode 1- Tanya (MyWorldCampaign)

Listen to Tanya, the founder of Fighting Spirit Safety and the My World Campaign, as she shares her personal experience and speaks from the heart. Tanya was only a teenager…

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2013 radKIDS Enrollment is Open

Hello Parents!  It is that time of year again, time for radKIDS enrollment!  We are looking forward to a great summer with the kids and we hope you are also. …

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Welcome to my Blog and Welcome to Fighting Spirit Safety! Fighting Spirit Personal Safety is a company that strives to be a leader in the education and prevention of abuse…

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