Stay Safe! for Kids

The Stay Safe! for Kids program is meant to bridge the gap between the summer safety programs and the time kids spend in school.  These programs run in the Fall and Spring and are a great way to reinforce topics and training learned in radKIDS during the summer.  It is also a fantastic way to introduce safety training to kids that have yet to enroll in the radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Program.  In a fun environment, we sprinkle safety training and discussion into the lives of kids that are surrounded by issues that force them to make good decisions all year.

The Stay Safe! for Kids program is open to children as young as 5 years old, where they embark on safety topics in a fun and supportive way prior to the radKIDS program that begins at 5 years of age.

Stay Safe! Program

1 or 2 Hour Session
Ages 5-7 & 8-12
Cost $15
Ages 5-7, 1 Hour Session
Cost $30
Ages 8-12, 2 Hour Session

Upcoming Sessions

Contact us to ask about upcoming Stay Safe! sessions.


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Thank you a million times over!
A. Kozal
THANK YOU and Russ so much for bringing this program to our community!!
L. Kim
Thank you Tanya and Russ for all your hard work and dedication to such an important program! The kids had a blast!
T. Shepard
As a parent it makes you feel good to know you are giving your kids the tools they will need if something bad ever happens.
Louise Mann

Request more information about the Stay Safe! program to receive additional program information and answers to your questions.

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Contact us to ask about upcoming Stay Safe! sessions.


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