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Fighting Spirit offers #NOTINMYSPORT presentations and education modules for parents, coaches and youth group leaders to help define and understand the coach-player, teacher-student relationship in a positive manner.  The modules help explain how these relationships can often cultivate inappropriate behavior and at times, abuse.  The education modules also provide options for recognition, intervention and coping for those that suspect or know of such abuse.  Contact Fighting Spirit to learn more about these workshops.

Abuse by authority figures in sport and group activities.

“If you don’t want to believe it, you won’t see it.”

Perpetrators of sexual abuse can range from doctors and therapists, volunteers, coaches, camp counselors to church youth group leaders and teachers.

What is the result of abuse?

Research demonstrates that sexual abuse in sports results in significant depression,psychosomatic illnesses, substance abuse, self harm, and suicide.

The best approach is to EDUCATE athletes, coaches and parents on how to recognize these harmful behaviors to stop abuse immediately.

Fighting Spirit is proud to be the safety educator for USA Tae Kwon Do and is  currently running educational modules, FS Safety in Youth Sports, for their developmental athletes at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.



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Preventing Abuse in Organized Sports

#NOTINMYSPORT EDUCATION MODULE https://www.eventbrite.com/e/understanding-preventing-physical-emotional-sexual-abuse-in-sports-tickets-732228544287?aff=oddtdtcreator

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#NOTINMYSPORT Module for Parents, Coaches and Athletic Personnel

Register here for this FREE seminar on preventing abuse in youth sports.  This seminar is for parents, coaches and any adult interested in making youth sports safer for our kids.…

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We wanted our girls to develop confidence not just on the court, but in all life situations.  We also saw that a number of the girls on our team were in abusive relationships in school and we knew this would translate to more problems later.  We hosted a team-building workshop on self-defense, something out of the box, that we knew would give them self defense skills but also hoped would be fun.  What a GREAT experience!  The girls had a blast and walked away with some great information and skills.  We couldn't have anticipated a better outcome.  We as coaches can feel better knowing we were doing more to invest in our players than just the skills needed on the court.
Milan Volleyball 2009

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