radKIDS Program

The radKIDS Personal Empowerment & Safety Education Program is the nation’s leader in children’s safety education. The 10-hour family centered safety education program emphasizes essential decision- making skills, as well as physical resistance options to escape violence.

Stay Safe! for Kids

The Stay Safe! for Kids program is meant to bridge the gap between the summer safety programs and the time kids spend in school. These programs run in the Fall and Spring and are a great way to reinforce topics and training learned in radKIDS.


The Girls-R-Pearls Pre-Teen & Teenage Safety Workshop™ is a one day program for young girls. Because pre-teen and early teenage years are complex and often difficult for parent and child, this workshop is ideal for opening the communication link on subjects that young girls are facing every day.

Protect the House for Boys

Fighting Spirit Personal Safety is proud to bring you Protect the House™, an anti-bullying education program for boys ages 10-15 years old. Protect the House is a dynamic 8-week course designed to address issues pre-teen and teenage boys face daily.

College Programs

We are committed to helping college students and parents find effective training and resources on campuses. For those that are looking for on-site self defense programming at your college or university, Fighting Spirit is able to meet your needs.

#NOTINMYSPORT Athletic Programs

Fighting Spirit offers programs for parents, coaches and youth group leaders to help define and understand the coach-player, teacher-student relationship in a positive manner. The modules help explain how these relationships can often cultivate inappropriate behavior and at times, abuse.

Women & Teens Program

The Women’s program offers a comprehensive approach to safety training that includes awareness, risk reduction, posture and verbal skills, as well as physical skills. This program is meant to provide options in the critical moments in which your personal space or safety has been violated.

Women’s Night Out

Women’s Night Out is an opportunity to have fun and learn valuable life skills at the same time. This program is also perfect for women who may be nervous or ill at ease about taking the Women’s Comprehensive Program.

Corporate Self Defense

The Corporate Self Defense program focuses on improving workplace safety, eliminating workplace bullying, and improving employee self confidence. This 2-hour seminar offers safety and self defense strategies that address improved personal safety, prevention of escalation of violence, and more.