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Companies whose employees feel that they are very safe at work will typically suffer less stress and have increased confidence. This can translate into less stress related illnesses, reduced absenteeism and employee turnover, and decreased time-loss. Along with knowing that you are doing the right thing by taking care of your employees needs, your company is also more likely to realize a real and direct financial benefit from bringing in Fighting Spirit to educate and train all of your employees.

Imagine this…

  • Employees that feel confident and safe and no longer avoid the night shift.
  • Employees that feel confident and safe and will now travel abroad.
  • Employees that feel confident and safe that will now work an extra hour or two, instead of leaving before it gets dark.
  • Employees that stay with your company instead of leaving for a safer more secure environment.
  • Employees that are trained can avoid workplace violence before it ever happens.
  • Employees that feel their leaders are taking an interest in their well being and overall safety.
  • Real estate agents who feel confident and safe, no longer nervous about showing empty homes alone.
  • In home care providers that will feel confident in the home they visit.
  • Knowing you provide employees with LIFE SAVING SKILLS in a non-traditional format. It’s most likely a training session your employees will be talking about long after it’s over.

Workplace Bullying

27% of Americans have suffered abusive conduct at work.
72% are aware that workplace bullying happens. 


Workplace bullying is also bad for business. Ways that companies suffer due to bullying include:

  • High turnover, which is expensive for companies as they invest in hiring and training new employees only to lose them shortly thereafter, possibly to a competitor.
  • Low productivity since employees are not motivated to do their best and are more often out sick due to stress-related illnesses
  • Lost innovations since the bully is more interested in attacking his or her victim than advancing the company, and the victims become less likely to generate or share new ideas.
  • Difficulty hiring quality employees as word spreads that the company has a hostile work environment.

Fighting Spirit has presented education programs to these fine companies:

  • Key Plastics  Livonia, MI
  • Valassis  Livonia, MI
  • IAC International Automotive Components Southfield, MI
  • Auria Solutions Southfield, MI
  • BASF Wyandotte, MI
  • BASF Human Resources Department, MI
  • ReMax Platinum Ann Arbor, MI
  • ReMax Brighton, MI
  • American Association of Career Women Ann Arbor, MI
  • Michigan Municipal League Ann Arbor, MI
  • Horizon Global  International programming

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Welcome to my Blog and Welcome to Fighting Spirit Safety! Fighting Spirit Personal Safety is a company that strives to be a leader in the education and prevention of abuse…

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Tanya came to our location to present material to my Human Resources Department on the subject of personal safety in the workplace. Tanya’s method of providing statistics of the reality around us, then offering us practical ways to be prepared to reduce fear was effective and fun. We look forward to inviting her back again for a future presentation.
Raymond Betz
BASF Corporation
Tanya Panizzo has a passion for safety. Her passion, together with her knowledge and skills makes her one of the finest personal safety instructors. Her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. The information both verbal and hands on taught during the program will enable all women to effectively protect themselves and feel more confident.
Dr. John Mlinarcik, PhD, LMSW
President and CEO PCS-Global

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