Women’s Self Defense

Thank you so much for offering this type of program for women and teens. It is life changing! Being able to use the skills that we were taught in a simulation helped me to feel more confident, knowledgeable and empowered. I appreciated being the mother in this group. I was proud to watch these young ladies overcome fear, find their strength and to use their skills. I look forward to continuing.
R. Robinson
My experience with Tanya Panizzo and her Fighting Spirit Course was beyond my expectations. I highly benefited from this on a physical, mental, and emotional level. It helped me release past negative situations and shift into empowering myself. It taught me to honor and respect myself. Tanya Panizzo and her assistants are AMAZING. The support and love you get through them is so fulfilling. I highly recommend this program. Thank you Tanya for helping me get my voice back. I now have the confidence to empower others, especially my children.
Tiffany J.
Tanya's self-defense classes are above and beyond ANY typical self-defense class. I went to one of her sessions Saturday/Sunday (two-day session) and it is truly life-changing. She teaches practical, versatile techniques that ANY woman, regardless of age/background/capability can put in her “toolbox” and adapt to her capabilities, her situation, etc. She is INCREDIBLY knowledgeable, as she is versed in several different types of martial arts, and she teaches in a fun, compassionate way. More than physical skills, Tanya also teaches DECISION making in a crisis situation and also patience, so you know WHEN to act in your best interest… negotiation and verbal reasoning skills… she teaches the mindset of EMPOWERMENT and strength, and her classes – although a serious topic and difficult to think about sometimes – I left feeling capable, unafraid, and stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally.
Meredith C.
I took Tanya Panizzo’s self-defense class for women at the age of 64 and I beat up the scary red man! I took the self-defense class mainly because I wanted to learn to yell out for help and be comfortable doing so. I am so glad I did, because I learned a lot more than how to yell. Tanya taught me to be vigilant, to pay attention to what is going on around us. She used everyday scenarios for demonstration and it made me think about how I am capable to take care of myself. Tanya taught me how to use instinctive movements to defend myself and to not be afraid to do so. This class is for any woman of any age; having white hair does not remove me from the list of people who could be assaulted.
B. Myhrum
What an eye opening, empowering and fantastic class! ALL women of any age should take this!!!
L. Ontko

Women’s Night Out

Just wanted to say, 'Thank you' once again for sharing your program and your compassion for educating and training young ladies to believe they have the abilities to assert themselves and stay safe using their vocal and physical skills. As we know, these early teen years have their own set of challenges, so beginning with these basic skills is great because they do provide a strong foundation for these young ladies to believe in themselves. I was in awe as I observed the transformation of the more quiet & meek students who were unsure of themselves, come out of their shell and shine. Their entire physical demeanor had taken on a different stance. The girls now stood tall with purpose and they projected their voices with Certainty and Confidence. The girls not only wanted to learn, they wanted to master their techniques and feel good about their progress. 
I observed the support they offered to one another and the enjoyment of interacting with you and one another. All of this in just 1.5 hours! WOW!!
D. Ferguson
Thanks Tanya! Had a great time and learned some good skills. Looking forward to the 2 day when it comes up next.
R. Sloan


Thank you! Christian has learned so much! Can't wait to see how he does today and to come back and practice next summer!
M. Weaks
We love our Radkids!! My kids have taken this class the last few years!! We love it!!! Thank you — see you next summer!
S. Soenen
Thank you a million times over!
A. Kozal
THANK YOU and Russ so much for bringing this program to our community!!
L. Kim
Thank you Tanya and Russ for all your hard work and dedication to such an important program! The kids had a blast!
T. Shepard
As a parent it makes you feel good to know you are giving your kids the tools they will need if something bad ever happens.
Louise Mann
I loved fighting off the redman!
Brando Civitanova
It makes you feel stronger and makes you feel like you know what to do
Giona Decina
The Plymouth Police Department has been involved with Tanya Panizzo and the radKIDS program through Fighting Spirit Safety for several years. We find the program to be quite valuable in educating our youth about self-protection. The knowledge and skills learned through the program help in establishing a solid foundation of awareness that can be built upon. It encourages self-confidence, self-reliance and safety. PPD looks forward to each year when our Officers assist in this safety circle and are give time to interact with the kids.
Detective Jamie GrabowskiCity of Plymouth, MI Police Department

Protect The House

Thank you so much for bringing this to Midwest. Nathan was so excited to be a part of the initial class. He looked forward to it each Monday night, and came home after the class feeling empowered. He loved it. I am sure he will tell the boys from school all about it, if he hasn't already. He can't wait to do it again!
L. Breitner


Our girl scout troop LOVED the safety class. It was so much more than we expected and they learned great skills while having fun. Thank you so much for what you do!
G. Springer
What a great program for building up young girls. We need more of this in our community.
D. Hatfield


Tanya came to our location to present material to my Human Resources Department on the subject of personal safety in the workplace. Tanya’s method of providing statistics of the reality around us, then offering us practical ways to be prepared to reduce fear was effective and fun. We look forward to inviting her back again for a future presentation.
Raymond BetzBASF Corporation
I am the President and CEO of PCS-Global, a local psychotherapy & counseling center – concurrently a national consulting & training company. I have referred many of my clients to Tanya for her fine works, especially the Fighting Spirit Personal Safety Instruction for both woman and children. Each have benefited from the experience and I have heard countless others rave about their results as well. Tanya Panizzo has a passion for safety. Her passion, together with her knowledge and skills makes her one of the finest personal safety instructors. Her enthusiasm for the subject is infectious. The information both verbal and hands on taught during the program will enable all women to effectively protect themselves and feel more confident.
Dr. John Mlinarcik, PhD, LMSWPresident and CEO PCS-Global