My World

My World

“My World” is a campaign, a systematic course of action, to begin dialogue among all people, men and women alike, about the subject of abuse and safety. It is also a concept that will have different meanings to each person and whose purpose is to inspire and ignite change. My World, and yours, is what you value more than anything else on Earth. To a single female it could be them, their own person. To another female it could be their children. To a man it could be his spouse and children. It is everything that you hold dear and know you want to protect. Part of that protection is the recognition that this course of action cannot be done alone. The episodes above in the My World campaign are meant to get people thinking, talking and then ACTING, about how to create a safer world for themselves and who or what they hold dear.

The Moment

The Purple Key Moment is a moment where a person recognizes, whether it real or perceived, that they are unsafe, unprotected, disrespected or exploited but KNOW WHAT TO DO. This “moment” may or may not occur during the event or time period that he or she is in danger or feeling this way. It can come at any time in their life. The goal of Fighting Spirit is to provide knowledge and skills through programs that incorporate practice under stress. It is also a goal to help cultivate the defensive mindset and strong spirit that is needed to fight for life. Lastly we aim to address the psychological side of abuse to help those cope and heal through resources in their community. The primary objective is to shorten the gap between the abuse (or fear of it) and the Purple Key Moment (recognition) so violence or the impact of it is minimized.

The Purple Key

The Purple Key is a physical reminder to those that take programs through Fighting Spirit Personal Safety. It is indeed a purple key given to each student to keep close at all times. It is a safety check for yourself and tells you that you are capable and have OPTIONS when you feel unsafe or abused. It also serves as a reminder that you can find help if ever you or your loved ones are in need. Looking at this key can tell you ” I know how to help you. I know where to go.” It can also help by telling you “I don’t feel good about this situation I’m going to leave.” Those that carry the purple key do so with pride. It is a talisman that keeps them connected to their personal safety without fear. Contact Fighting Spirit to learn more about how to get your own purple key or click the link above to read the moving Purple Key Moments of others.

Purple Key Moments


My parents weren’t as strict as they come but I had a pretty good set of rules that seemed to me like no other teenager had. My parents constantly warned me of how situations could turn awry, to me they just sounded like pessimists. How could anything bad happen to me? I had too many rules, too many warnings. There was no way that I could actually get hurt, kidnapped, raped, or killed. Those people on the news were nothing like me.

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Where to begin. It's hard to know where a good place is because it seems my entire life, up until just recently has followed the same script. I was raised in a home where my mother took a lot of verbal and physical abuse from my father. He never hurt me or my brother but he hurt my mom a lot.

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These purple key moments (PKM) in my mind stands for Plans Keep Me Safe. Bad guys have plans, I need one too. I never forgot Tanya said that. I care not about appearances. If it means my safety or question of safety, I think of that purple key and I choose safety every time.
 One could say I am limited more now by my fear but I don’t agree. It is the other way around. I feel prepared. I feel cautious and aware. And I use my purple key every day to help me know what to do.

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I never really thought that self defense training was for me. I have lived a safe and guarded life. I grew up in a wealthy family and had always been very protected I admit. I took things for granted, that is until an assault occurred that affected our entire family. It changed our lives forever.

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