Women's Night Out

Women’s Night Out is an opportunity to have fun and learn valuable life skills at the same time. This program is also perfect for women who may be nervous or ill at ease about taking the Women’s Comprehensive Program. It is a short introduction to help build confidence and learn how to stay safe and always leaves women wanting more!

Topics covered in this 1 or 2 hour program are:

  • Levels of Force
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Situational Awareness
  • Verbalization
  • Physical Skills
  • And More

The best thing about this program is it’s a great time! Women gather to discuss sensitive topics in a way that makes them comfortable exploring options for safety and then culminate in physical activity that empowers them to take the next step! Consider it a unique opportunity for the women in your family or for the special girlfriends in your life.

Women's Night Out Program

1 hour or 2 hour session
Cost - Call

10 Student Minimum

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Purple Key Moments

The Purple Key Moment is a moment where a person recognizes, whether it real or perceived, that they are unsafe, unprotected, disrespected or exploited but know what to do. The Purple Key is a physical reminder to those that take programs through Fighting Spirit Personal Safety. It is indeed a purple key given to each student to keep close at all times. It is a safety check for yourself and tells you that you are capable and have OPTIONS when you feel unsafe or abused.

Thank you for sharing your program and your compassion for educating and training young ladies to believe they have the abilities to assert themselves and stay safe using their vocal and physical skills. As we know, these early teen years have their own set of challenges, so beginning with these basic skills is great...
D. Ferguson
Thanks Tanya! Had a great time and learned some good skills. Looking forward to the 2 day when it comes up next.
R. Sloan

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