Are these martial arts programs?

NO. The personal safety programs offered are not martial arts programs. Fighting Spirit operates within the Midwest Tae Kwon Do building, which allows for large matted space and room to move freely and safely. Each program is an effective, practical approach to self defense that anyone can learn at any age. All programs are self-esteem building programs that help develop confidence and options for safety. All programs are based on EMPOWERMENT!!!

What is learned in class?

Each class, for kids or adults, teaches decision making processes and role playing exercises along with verbal and physical skill sets for true understanding and development of life skills. The program emphasizes repetition to develop non-cognitive memory and completes with practical simulation in a heightened state of adrenaline. This means students are able to make decisions and use their self defense skills on a padded ‘attacker’ with full force and impact.

Do I have to be in good physical shape?

NO! Personal safety and self defense can be learned by everyone. You do not have to be in great physical shape to take the class. We will help you recognize your own strengths in the class and capitalize on them. You do not need prior self defense or martial arts experience of any kind.

I am handicapped and have special needs. Can I still take the class?

We encourage all women and children to take the safety sessions offered at Fighting Spirit. We will show you the strengths that lie within you regardless of special needs.

I am a survivor of assault. I worry that taking a program like this may be too emotional for me. Should I still take it?

If you are a recent survivor of sexual assault, we encourage you to wait about 12 weeks before taking the safety session. We can provide you with information about services available to you to help you cope with what has happened to you if you have not already received help. After the healing process has begun and you are ready to take the session, we want you to know that you will be surrounded by a very positive and supportive group during this program. You will be in an environment like no other, supported and encouraged all the way. It will be a life-changing and positive experience for you.

Can men take the class?

radKIDS Personal Empowerment Safety Education is open to both young boys and girls. Each class has an even mix and the 5-7 year old group and the 8-12 year old group work well together in this environment.

The Girls-R-Pearls Safety Workshop and the Women’s Program are for females students only.  Men are welcome to attend any speaking engagement and seminar offered through Fighting Spirit.

Why should I take the class more than one time?

Taking the programs over again can increase confidence in your skill sets and enhance your proficiency. The more that you practice verbalizing, the easier it will be for you to yell or set boundaries when you need to. The more you repeat the physical skills, the more accurate you will become should you need them. For the kids as well as the adults, the more often you discuss and address safety, the more aware you become and the easier it is to implement safety as a way of life. Another reason to repeat the courses is because they are fun! They are taught in an environment where learning is maximized because you are surrounded by your peers. This also keeps you active in safety training and looking forward to developing the life skills we need to stay safe. We do many things to maintain safety in our lives; we change the oil in our cars, we change the batteries in our smoke detectors. Maintenance is the key to feeling safe over time. Maintaining your safety training will help take the fear away and keep you feeling empowered and capable.