Welcome to Fighting Spirit Personal Safety

YOU CAN DO IT. WE CAN HELP. Fighting Spirit Personal Safety offers the most progressive self-defense programs and consulting services available today. Children as young as five years old, senior citizens, college students, and more are offered safety education programs to increase options and build confidence.

Our Programs

radKIDS Program

The radKIDS Personal Empowerment & Safety Education Program is the nation’s leader in children’s safety education. The 10-hour family centered safety education program emphasizes essential decision- making skills, as well as physical resistance options to escape violence.

Women & Teens Program

The Women’s program offers a comprehensive approach to safety training that includes awareness, risk reduction, posture and verbal skills, as well as physical skills. This program is meant to provide options in the critical moments in which your personal space or safety has been violated.

Corporate Self Defense

The Corporate Self Defense program focuses on improving workplace safety, eliminating workplace bullying, and improving employee self confidence. This 2-hour seminar offers safety and self defense strategies that address improved personal safety, prevention of escalation of violence, and more.

Our Instructors

Each member of our coaching staff is committed to making the world a safer place. All of the instructors bring a variety of practical experience to the table and it’s their ongoing dedication to empowering women and children that keep students returning year after year.