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Fighting Spirit Personal Safety is committed to helping college students and parents find effective training and resources on or near campus.  If you are unable to attend a program within the facility of Fighting Spirit, there are options for instruction elsewhere.

Tanya Panizzo, Director at Fighting Spirit, is proud to be the instructor for self-defense training on the campus of Michigan State University. It is her drive to help develop effective trainers and programming for all students on campus.  She is actively involved in curriculum development, provides ongoing support to all instructors campus-wide and provides oversight for those that desire advanced levels of training. 

For those that are looking for on-site self defense programming at your college or university, Fighting Spirit is able to meet your needs. Sororities, athletic groups and others have booked programs to help increase their options for safety.  Contact us for availability and pricing.

Fighting Spirit has assisted in programming at these fine institutions and/or their campus life:

  • Middlebury College    Middlebury, Vermont
  • Michigan State University   Lansing, Michigan
  • Concordia University  Ann Arbor, Michigan

College Program


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Contact us to start a College Self Defense Program at your college or university.