Self Defense for Women & Teens

The Teen and Women’s Program is a comprehensive approach to safety training that includes awareness, risk reduction, posture and verbal skills as well as physical skills. It is meant to provide OPTIONS in the critical moments in which your personal space has been violated.  It also aims to prevent assault against females and build confidence in their ability to stay safe.  By cultivating the defensive mindset and the desire to fight for life, this program helps empower the female student from the inside out.

This dynamic program allows the student to learn skill sets with a hands-on approach. Skills are demonstrated and explained, practiced through repetition with and without padded targets and are reinforced with physical simulation practice. Simulation practice means students use skills they have learned against a padded attacker with full force. This helps them realize their physical power and also reinforces their need to verbalize initially and throughout the exercise. Students are not left alone in any of these exercises and are coached through each step which provides a supportive environment for all women including those that have survived assault.

We emphasize strong communication skills and strategies to escape danger such as de-escalation, assertive skills, boundary setting and more.  We provide training drills with strategies for violations from those we know and those that we don’t know. We also teach students how to manage the adrenal response and the emotions that accompany high-stress confrontations.  All of this and more are taught in an environment that is physically safe and emotionally supportive.

Women's Program

Cost $150
10 Hour Immersion Weekend
Cost $Call/Email
Individual or Small Group

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February 2022 Self Defense for Women and Teens-One Day Course

February 2022 one day self-defense course: February 2022 Self Defense Link

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January 2022 Two Day Immersion Self Defense for Women

The two day class is back!  Learn more about the class and register here: January 2022 Self Defense

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Purple Key Moments

The Purple Key Moment is a moment where a person recognizes, whether it real or perceived, that they are unsafe, unprotected, disrespected or exploited but know what to do. The Purple Key is a physical reminder to those that take programs through Fighting Spirit Personal Safety. It is indeed a purple key given to each student to keep close at all times. It is a safety check for yourself and tells you that you are capable and have OPTIONS when you feel unsafe or abused.

Thank you so much for offering this type of program for women and teens. It is life changing! Being able to use the skills that we were taught in a simulation helped me to feel more confident, knowledgeable and empowered.
R. Robinson
What an eye opening, empowering and fantastic class! ALL women of any age should take this!!!
L. Ontko
I took Tanya Panizzo’s self-defense class for women at the age of 64 and I beat up the scary red man! Tanya taught me to be vigilant, to pay attention to what is going on around us. She used everyday scenarios for demonstration and it made me think about how I am capable to take care of myself.
B. Myhrum
Tanya's self-defense classes are above and beyond ANY typical self-defense class. I went to one of her sessions and it is truly life-changing. She teaches practical, versatile techniques that ANY woman, regardless of age/background/capability can put in her “toolbox” and adapt to her capabilities and her situation.
Meredith C.
My experience with Tanya Panizzo and her Fighting Spirit Course was beyond my expectations. I highly benefited from this on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  It helped me release past negative situations and shift into empowering myself. It taught me to honor and respect myself. Tanya Panizzo and her assistants are AMAZING.
Tiffany J.

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